Company History

1948Masanori Kozuka founded a textile factory in Hagiwara-cho, Ichinomiya, Aichi.
1953 The textile factory relocated to Bisai City (now part of Ichinomiya), Aichi.
1959Kozuka Keori Co., Ltd. was established and moved the main office to Higashikaganoi, Enish, Ichinomiya, Aichi.
1960The company transformed into a planning and production company in addition to manufacturing.
1976The company began to use a new production style requiring outsourced production.
1995Production of textiles at a factory in China began.
2011The company entered a business partnership with Canale Co., Ltd to plan and sell high-quality tweed.
2016Production at a factory in Taiwan began.
2018The company entered a business partnership with OLTAS to develop and sale jersey knit.
2019Production of original products at a factory in Vietnam began.
2020The company started planning the sale of men’s apparel products and the launch of our original brand, EYCK.