EYCK, Our Original Brand
We have an extensive history of making textiles and are located in the Bisai area of Ichinomiya, the largest textile production area of Japan. Because of the concentration of companies in the area, factories work hard to produce a wide variety of world-class high-quality products and try to set themselves apart from others. Many companies, including ours, have moved their production outside of Japan in order to lower costs and be closer to the producers of raw materials. As this happened, we saw many of the special techniques and technologies, that began in Bisai, slowly fade away from many companies. What sets us apart is that we brought our unique Bisai-derived knowledge, technologies, and techniques to all of our overseas production and maintained it in our domestic production. We launched our brand to reflect our unique craftsmanship and to pay homage to the textile community in Bisai. We wanted to show people that style and quality did not need to be sacrificed for comfort. We combine our understanding of textiles with modern technologies and methods while also reflecting a traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Each of our pieces shows a mastery in creating a perfect combination of texture, color, and style.